In August 2016, on the way from district 1 to Go Vap, I saw a man sitting behind his bicycle and having dinner at Phan Dinh Phung street, Phu Nhuan district. The man wore a uniform of Vietnam Youth Union, but he was not young, he was about 55 to 60 years old. I was interested in him, so I just stopped by and take him a picture. He noticed right after the first shot and asked as if I was a journalist. When I explained that I loved street photography, he said he did love photography like me and asked for taking me a photo.

Asking me to pose

He asked me to pose

Taking photo of me

Checking the result

This man used an old point-n-shoot camera, and used flash. He also asked me to take a selfie with him, the most strange thing he did was keeping a calendar paper on his hand when taking photo with me. And the date on the calendar paper was exact “today” at this time. You may know that Asian people like us avoid to take picture with number, because they do not want to have a perception that will the the last day of their lives. The man also explained to me why he did that, he said “I want to remember the exact date that I take photo of anyone, so I ask the subject to hold the calendar paper”. I said I was OK with that.



Sharing with me about the calendar paper

He even shared with me his address

Yes, he was a strange man, but he is nice and friendly. I was happy to met him.

Happy shooting!

_(All of my photos was taken with Sony RX1R at f/2)_

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