Proactive vs. Reactive

There is always a combination of reasons for people to leave a company. People have many reasons for leaving, but the reasons to stay are just a few:

  • Challenging tasks, have enough pressure but not to much pressure
  • Good environment for working and growing career path
  • The leadership is there, so they know and are buy-in with the team/company directions
  • There are more to learn when working for the company
  • Their salaries are competitive and reflect the impacts/contributions of them to the company.

Sometime people are leaving although all items above are satisfied, in this case you will have the ambassadors that will help you to attracts more talents. People come and go, but it should not be leaving because of the hatred. We don’t have to keep people at all cost, but we must do our best, so people will be proud about their past company / the leadership / their last job when and after leaving.

Saigon, 14-Jul-2021